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Melodor Catch me if you can „Zorro“

Geboren: 04.12.2002 Geschlecht: männlich
Vater: Champion Anshee For Ever (dunkelbraun/weiß)
Mutter: Redwitch Eyecatchin' or What at Melodor (red&whiteot/weiß
Züchter: C. McLean "Kennel Melodor" (Scotland),
Infos: Augentest: "Clear"
           PRA: clear (05/07)
           HD: 0/0
           DNA getestet
           BGH-A (Good Citizen Dog-Test)
Pedigree: Pedigree ansehen

Melodor Catch me if you can "Zorro"


Res. European Winner 2007
BIS 1 + Super BIS  - Sarajevo, BiH    05/2007
BIS 3 - Monaco, MC 04/2007
BOG 1 - Szilvasvarad, H 04/2007
Russian Champion
Eurasian Champion
BOG2 und BIS 3 - EURASIA Moskau, Rus 02/2007
BIS 1 - CACIB Zagreb, Hr 11/2006
RESERVE WORLD WINNER 06, Poznan, Pl 09.11.2006
BIS 1 - CACIB Keckemet, H 09.09.2006
BIS 3 - CACIB Keckemet, H 10.09.2006
European Winner 2006
Finish Champion
International Champion
Croatian Champion
Italian Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Austrian Double Champion
ÖKV-Bundessieger 2005 + BOB + Res. BOG
Alpen-Adria Winner 2005 (BOB Portoroz + BOB Umag)
Championate de France, Lyon 2005 + BOB + BOG1
Slovakian Club-Winner + BOB 2005
Slovenian Club-Winner + BOB 2005
Top Winning Akita Puppy in Schottland 2003
CRUFTS Qualification for Lifetime
BOG2 - Europasieger Helsinki, Fin
BIS 3 - CACIB San Marino, RSM 2006
BIS3 - CACIB Zagreb 11/2005
BIS 2 - CACIB Zadar, Hr 2006/2
BIS 2 - CACIB Zadar, Hr 2006/1
BOD - CACIB Graz, A 2006
BIS 1 - CACIB Zagreb, Hr 2006
BIS 2 - CACIB Zagreb, Hr 2006
BIS 1 - CACIB Lendava, Slo 2005
BIS 1 - CACIB Luxembourg, L 2005
BIS 1 - CAC Gradica d'Isonzo, I 2005
BIS 1 - CACIB Umag, Hr 2005
BIS 1 - CAC Hrusica, Slo 2005
BIS 2 - CACIB Zagreb, Hr 2005
BIS 2 - CAC Biella, I 2005
BIS 2 - CAC Ljubljana, Slo 2005
BIS 3 - CACIB Zagreb, Hr 2005
BIS 2 - CACIB Foggia, I 2004
BIS 3 - CAC Cremona, I 2004
BIS 2 - CACIB Genova, I 2004
Richterbeschreibung / Judges Report by Maurice Webb. Zorro was just 12 months and 2 days old at this show (2003):
McLean’s, Melodor Catch Me if You Can. 12 months old red with black overlay. Makes an immediate impact with his excellent body shape, without the slightest exaggeration, combining size and substance with an outgoing dominant temperament to match. Keen alert and on his toes from the moment he entered the ring. The last thing on his mind is animation, showing true Akita spirit and confidence, allowing no one to take his space, whether posed or on the move. So in keeping with his name, pleasing head type, although a little more time is required to become the finished article. Excellent dentition, presenting clean white teeth of good size and correct bite with scissors well aligned. Presents a good head carriage from a well set neck.

Sound front and forehand shows balanced body covering the right amount of ground when posed. An excellent tail carriage completes the picture. Further enhanced being beautifully presented in good coat. His temperament ensured that he moved with purpose maintaining balance and a good stride pattern.


"Zorro" auf der CACIB in Bratislawa   "Zorro" Best in Show in Lendava
"Zorro"   "Zorro"   "Zorro" auf der CACIB in Genua, I am 4.12.2004
"Zorro" auf der CACIB in Umag, HR am 19.6.2005   "Zorro" auf der IHA Oberwart am 31.7.2005   "Zorro"
"Zorro"    6 Monate    


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